Kara’s Most Requested Programs:     

Living on Planet Earth Causes Cancer

We’ve all known someone with cancer. Maybe you’re even a survivor, yourself. We are constantly hearing of a new food or habit that has been deemed cancer-causing. How can we protect ourselves? Kara will show you the key to prevention.

Living on Planet



Save Money with 3 Household Items (that you probably already have in your cupboard).

In this presentation, Kara will teach you how to save up to $500 per month by making 3 cheap household items work for you.




5 Unusual Steps to Personal Wellness

After hearing her doctor tell her she had cancer for the 3rd time, Kara Frair decided to figure out why she kept getting this diagnoses. In this talk, Kara shares how she figured out that it could have been prevented all along and challenges your knowledge of common wellness myths.




A Conversation with Kanye

Do you have regrets? Are you forever wishing that you would’ve done something better or sooner? In, “A Conversation with Kanye,” Kara tells her own personal story of regret and teaches the listener a life lesson in taking action.