Kara Frair is a motivational speaker, author, wellness coach and cancer ass-kicker. She travels the country delivering her message: that cancer can be prevented.

When Kara was 14 years old, she accidentally gave herself cancer (gasp!). She was living the teenage version of the typical American lifestyle. Pop-tarts for breakfast, munchie mix and pizza for lunch, hotdogs for dinner. Yikes. After receiving treatment for Hodgkins Disease and getting the “all clear” from her docs, she still didn’t believe that lifestyle had any impact on her health. A year later the cancer returned. After many more months of treatment (including a stem cell transplant), she still hadn’t learned, and the same lifestyle mistakes continued. The day before leaving for college, the cancer was back again. This time, she learned (finally). Kara decided to figure out why the hell she kept getting cancer and a major lifestyle change ensued. 12 years and a ton of research later, she’s sharing her story of what she found out. Kara is now leading women everywhere down the same fulfilling path of wellness. You’ll listen as her unique story captivates you and you’ll learn how to take the first step. Every once in a while, we all need a fire lit beneath us, to ignite us and inspire us to conquer whats been holding us back. For Kara, it was cancer. For you, Kara will be that fire.


For more information on wellness coaching, product reviews or to get in touch with Kara, please e-mail karafrairspeaks@gmail.com. Thank you!

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