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Ditch the Meds. Try These 3 Allergy Busters

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Spring is upon us and if you’re anything like me, that means your allergies are out of control. As the founder of Wellness Babe, I try to keep my hands out of the medicine cabinet in an effort to find a better way of healing myself. In the case of allergies, I occasionally succumb to the enormous relief that comes with a teensy dose of Claritin or Zyrtec. BUT it’s my duty as a Babe to help myself and my followers find an improved way, or at least present options.


So, here’s what I know: Allergies suck. I can’t breathe and I spend most of my time trying to relieve the itch in my throat or stocking up on tissues to quell the flow of drainage from my faucet-nose. No makeup this time of year either because the itchy watery eyes will have you looking accidentally gothic. Don’t get me started on the sneezing.


My first line of defense is local honey. This has not been absolutely proven to work but, I did get some honey in my tea yesterday and experienced some relief. From what I’ve gathered, it’s more of a long-term benefit and not a quick fix. I find that as a rule of general well-being, you really can’t go wrong with green tea, apple cider vinegar (the end-all-cure-all) and local honey.


Secondly, a true gruesome warrior in the line of defense against allergies: The Netipot. It’s not the most attractive thing in the world, but irrigating your sinuses is almost guaranteed to ease your allergy symptoms. The Netipot uses a saline and water solution and instructs you to basically pour the concoction in through one nostril and tilt your head at the perfect angle to get it to come out the other side. The angle is a little hard to achieve in my opinion and takes some trial and error, (or maybe I wasn’t present in that particular math class?) but the results are well worth the effort. You can grab one on the cheap for around $10-15 or get real fancy with an $80 machine that uses a suction method. Yum.


Lastly, and you had to know this was coming, your diet effects your ability to deal with allergies. Whomp Whomp. As if you really needed yet another reason to fill up on vegetables. But, babes, it is the truth. A diet that is laden with sugar with and processed foods (or what I call inferior foods) can cause a condition known as leaky gut. What is leaky gut? Well, “stuff” meaning toxins, undigested food particles and microbes, are supposed to stay within the sturdy walls of your intestines. When you have leaky gut, this “stuff” leaks through teeny tiny holes in the intestinal walls and into your blood stream where is doesn’t belong. Your body attacks the “stuff” like an invader and it causes inflammation in the body. Leaky gut is caused by our Standard American Diet, laden with sugar, sugar and more sugar. Leaky gut is making your allergies worse and could be the cause of food allergies. So, you know the drill. Stick to those superior foods that fuel your body, meaning the stuff that the original Wellness Babe (Mother Nature) put right here for us.


Here’s to battling those spring time allergies without the use of OTC meds!

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