The ONE Reason Your New Years Resolutions are Destined to Fail

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How’re those New Years Resolutions holdin’ up? It’s only January 3rd so my guess is, you’re still going strong. You’ve been to the gym 2 days in a row, you haven’t even thought about a carb, that new planner you bought is keeping you organized and hey, you didn’t give the finger to that guy that cut you off during the morning rush hour. That’s right. New Year. New You.

Fast forward to February 19th and you haven’t lost a single pound, your planner hasn’t seen new ink in weeks and your road rage is on the verge of landing you a reality role on COPS.

What the hell happened?

We’ve all been there. When it comes down to it, there’s really only ONE reason we fall off the resolution wagon:

It’s all about your thoughts.

Stick with me.

The barrier to achieving our goals for more than a week or two lies in the scientifically backed mind-body connection. The more negative your thoughts, the worse your results will be.

Have you ever been faced with a child that wants to give up on something? They can’t figure it out and they immediately blurt out their dismay: “I’m not good enough”. “This is too hard”. “I can’t do it”. The first thing you always say in return is, “Hey! Don’t say that. That’s not true. You CAN do this”. You just wish they would have confidence and think more positively.

Yet for some reason, we never tell ourselves that. Herein lies the problemo for all you’ve resolved to change this New Year. An article written by Vicki Brower in the US National Library of Medicine Database articulates the recent acknowledgment of this mind-body connection in modern medicine. She cites several studies and examples that have shown an abundance of stress is almost always linked to disease. Cognitive exercises, group therapy and other mind conditioning techniques have been connected to lower instances of disease and longevity in those with illnesses. In other words, you can think yourself sick just as much as you can think yourself well. Crazy, right? But totally true.

So, your job now is to put it to the test. Apply the mind body connection to your resolutions. Don’t let those nasty little “I can’t” thoughts creep into your Babe Brain. Even when you’re feeling down, fill your mind up with positive self talk. You can do this. You are a Wellness Babe. You feel great. You look great. You are attracting success. You are attracting prosperity. Fill in the key word with whatever your resolution is. For most Americans, getting healthy is the key. So keep  telling yourself over and over, I WILL get fit. I AM getting toned. I WANT to go to the gym. This IS working. I FEEL amazing.

Get the idea?

Don’t let your thoughts derail the awesome goals that you set for the New Year!



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One thought on “The ONE Reason Your New Years Resolutions are Destined to Fail

  1. This seriously made me laugh out loud, especially the thing about the planner. Every year I buy my self a pretty planner in hopes that this will be the year that I get organized. Well, I’m not off to such a great start. Every year I get a little better but I’m not a pro yet! The idea of putting everything in to one planner to be organized sounds amazing, but I just haven’t been able to execute it. But you’re right, it’s all about mind set! And I LOVE your point about the mind body connection, that has been one of my resolutions for this year, and I’ve actually been sticking to it!

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