Are The Ingredients in your Toiletries Toxic?

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Let’s talk toiletries. Being a Wellness Babe encompasses more than just your diet or exercise routine. What about those products you use on your skin everyday like deodorant or shampoo? The truth is, your toiletries might be toxic.

We’ve got the solution and its name is Twigs + Roots. We interviewed the owners of this incredible company who are providing you with natural, organic products for your daily body care needs.

First, let’s talk about why your grooming routine needs a serious makeover. Just like any other page out of the Wellness Babe handbook, its all about ingredients. What’s actually in your toiletries and what effects are those ingredients having on your bod?

The U.S has banned only 11 synthetic ingredients for use in cosmetics compared to 1300 in the European Union.With that statistic,  you have to ask yourself, are our regulatory associations really looking out for our safety? We’d rather take matters into our own hands…

Here are some common ingredients found in your deodorant, toothpaste, or skin care items that could be wreaking havoc on your Wellness Babe-ness.

1.) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: It’s what makes your soaps and shampoos turn into a luscious lather. Studies have shown that this substance has been found to be contaminated with 1,4 dioxone which has been classified as a probable carcinogen to humans. SLS has also been shown to cause skin irritations even in very small amounts. So the stuff that your washing your skin with is actually irritating your skin. Makes sense…

2.) Aluminum: In antiperspirants, it acts as a plug in your sweat glands. This is a heavy metal that has been associated with breast cancer, Alzheimer’ Disease, bone disorders and kindly issues. It can alter you DNA and when you are exposed everyday through the use of your deodorant, it can lead to heavy metal toxicity.

3.) Parabens: a bit of a buzz word lately and for good reason. If you have deodorant stocked in your medicine cabinet to last you the next 4 years, you can thank parabens. They are added to these types of products to give them that crazy-long shelf life. If you have a daughter that has developed breasts at 8 years old, you can also thank parabens. Colby College’s Clean Makeup website reports that parabens mimic estrogen in the body which can causes rapid breast cell division. That’s a little freaky. Men aren’t immune to the toxicity of our everyday grooming routines either. Studies in Japan have shown lowered sperm counts in mice that had been exposed to acceptable intake of parabens.

4.) Triclosan: This is a known endocrine disruptor (which means it messes with your hormones) that gets absorbed into your bloodstream super fast. It’s an antibacterial product that has been banned in soaps but its still present in toothpastes and other products on the market.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to toxic toiletries, but you get the picture. It’s time to consider ditching those old chemical-laced products and usher in the new, back-to-the-basics grooming phenomenon.

Enter: Twigs + Roots


We were so impressed when we stumbled on this small, home-based operation out of Tennessee. The women behind the company are as passionate as we are about loving their bodies and eliminating as many chemicals as possible. Check out our interview with them below to find out more and snatch up some incredible self-care products for the perfect stocking stuffer!

1.  How did Twigs + Roots get it’s start?
Twigs + Roots was started in Nashville in 2012 by Erin Baker, a massage therapist/wellness enthusiast who’s desire to learn about the healing powers of herbs which lead her to start Twigs + Roots.  Erin became a mother in 2014 and decided to pass her business along to someone (or someones) who would be just as passionate about making, labeling, and learning about the products as she had been.  Haylee had been a BIG fan of the Twigs + Roots natural deodorant, so when this opportunity presented itself she asked me about joining up, and we decided to embark on the adventure of becoming the new owners of Twigs + Roots!2. What type of products do you offer?
We offer a variety of natural body care products for the whole family.  Currently we are making: deodorants, tooth powders, sinus steam and vapor rub, a healing calendula salve, baby balm, and a body + baby powder. In the summer months we also offer a natural bug spray and sunscreen.

3. Where does your passion for chemical-free products come from?
For Haylee, her interest in chemical-free products came after a – thankfully benign – medical scare. Besides that scary event, she is a practicing Nurse Practitioner and as such, she is activley learning about the body and how it responds to various daily exposures. With this knowledge, her mission has become not only to treat, but understand how we can best serve our bodies with a preventative/holistic approach, rather than strictly reactive. This passion lead her to start living a balanced lifestyle and trying to avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible.

Claudia’s parents were big proponents of natural care, so it’s been a part of her life from an early age.  She witnessed many friends and family members who had been affected by cancer, and it reinforced her desire to seek out effective natural products.

4. Are you planning on releasing any new products?
We ARE!  We have new recipes in the works, and we plan to introduce them as they are perfected!

5. What is your favorite product to make/sell?
Deodorant is our best seller and by far the product we make the most often.  We get so much wonderful feedback from our customers on how effective our deodorant is, and that makes it even more fun to create!

6. What is a typical day like for a Twigs + Roots owner?
BUSY!  Haylee and I both work full time jobs in addition to running Twigs + Roots, and if we weren’t so passionate about our products, it would feel like a lot of work.  Haylee and I create, make, pour and label every single product by hand, in addition to taking inventory, ordering raw materials, social media, running the website, packaging and shipping each individual order! WHEW! Truly a labor of love!

7. Where can we get our hands on your products?
The best and easiest place to order is from our website. We are currently on the shelves in local Nashville shops, (check out our Stockists tab on the website for more info).  We also do local pop up shops as we work on expanding our reach!


Take a look at the ingredients in your toiletries and decide if its time to make a change!



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