5 Wellness Babe Stocking Stuffers

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Are you whistling Christmas tunes? I’m running around my house sining, ‘these are a few of my favorite things’ from The Sound of Music. And I sound just like Fraulein Maria. We’ve put together the ultimate stocking stuffer ideas for the Wellness Babe in your life (aka YOU) and it’s basically just a list of of my favorite things. No girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, but lots of good stuff that every Wellness Babe needs in her life.

Swoon away!


Ok, this is the most annoying trend of 2016 and I know you’re rolling your eyes, but if you haven’t hopped on the spiralizer bandwagon, you need to. You can grab a cheap one for about 20 bucks (works for me) or you can get a fancy contraption for your Kitchen Aid for around $100. Perhaps a little big for a stocking stuffer? But you get the idea.  Zoodles 4 Life <3

I use one like this:



This is the weirdest suggestion ever, and you might not want to gift these items but ACV and baking soda are two essentials that you can and should use everyday. Apple cider vinegar is the most versatile item that I can think of. You can drink it, cook with it, clean with, wash your hair with it and I will stop there because this post is not dedicated to ACV. I can say the same for baking soda. If your goal for the New Year is to eliminate some of the chemical burden from your everyday life, start here. Check out this list from David Wolfe for 25 uses of ACV and this post from Dr. Axe for 33 baking soda uses.


Our newest obsession! And because they’re a small business based right here in the USA, its a double whammy! These gals are making deodorant, tooth powder, salves and lots of other everyday items with the least amount of ingredients possible. Everything is derived straight from our beautiful planet. Forget your crappy, chemically toiletries. Support this small business and support your wellness! Check out their store here. Everything is under $12!



Have you heard about dry brushing? It sounds weird, but stay with me. You literally brush your entire body with a firm-bristled brush. It actually has a ton of benefits and it doesn’t take long. I would go ahead and add it to your morning routine. Click the picture below and learn how and why!



Lol, not really. I’m head over heels for this Kiss My Face bar soap. It’s  made of olive oil, water and sea salt only. Its certified by the Non-GMO project and it actually cleans your body. Grab your body wash and take a look at what’s in that sucker. My favorite Wellness Babe (other than myself of course), Kris Carr is always saying ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, do not put it on your skin’. Would you eat your body wash? Not unless you’re on one of those creepy episodes of My Strange Addiction. Check this soap out! You can grab a 3 pack on amazon for 9 bucks.





Yes. 5 perfect stuffers to fill your own stocking this Christmas. You’re welcome. What did we miss? Let us know your favorite stocking stuffers made for Wellness Babes!

Have a glorious Wellness Babe Wednesday!

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