10 Years Later

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I never really remember my “cancer dates”. You would think after such a life event I would readily recognize how long its been since cancer affected my life. Nope. I’m a little annoyed with myself. Its usually other people that bring up significant cancer milestones and this one is no different. Yes, I have officially been in remission from Hodgkins Disease for 12 years. Thank you, everyone, for reminding me.

BUT that’s not what this post about. If I’m being honest, I have to tell you that this other milestone weighs so much more heavily on the importance scale.

10 years ago, it all clicked.

10 years ago today, I’m supposed to be in my first month of college at Winthrop University in South Carolina. I’m supposed to be making new friends in a new city. I’m supposed to be pondering southern accents, trying not to wince as I eat grits and wondering why the hell my roommate was calling her mom “ma’am”. I was supposed to be doing all this stuff, but I wasn’t. I was back at home in Syracuse, NY taking a year off from college and wondering if my dad was right for the first time, like, ever.

10 years ago I heard my doctor tell me that the results she had received from my most recent scan were not favorable. They showed cancer for a third time. That was the day that I learned the true meaning of fear. After my family and I spent time speaking with many doctors, some even in different states, my dad made a suggestion to me. He planted a seed in my head that has now grown to be a vast forrest. He suggested that I try to change my diet. He thought that maybe the cheerios, pop tarts, bagels and hotdogs that had dominated my meals for 18 years were the cause of the disease that had been present in my life for the past 4. As always with my dad, and any teenager with their respective fathers, I rolled my eyes. Surely he could not have thought that my diet had any affect on my body’s ability to fight disease. Even as I rolled my eyes, I knew I only had one choice. The other road was dimly lit, frightening and had no end in sight. I didn’t go to college and I didn’t receive treatment for cancer. I stayed home and took a bite out of an apple instead.

What I’ve now labeled as “Inferior Foods” were eliminated from my diet, slowly at first and with ferocity as I became more educated. Out the window went bologna and Cheetos, new on menu was colorful foods that you had to rinse the dirt off of. My reading list consisted of “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” and “Anti Cancer” amongst others that embraced the same theory. I learned what foods might have been causing my disease  and what foods I could have been eating to aid in the prevention of relapse. I immersed myself in research and found the startling connection between diet and disease. Realizing your dad is right when you’re 18 years old is a tough pill to swallow and by that time I had swallowed a lot of pills.

It only took three months. I changed my diet at the end of August and by November I had results from a CT scan that showed no evidence of disease. THAT is why this milestone is the big daddy of them all. 10 years ago, it clicked. 10 years ago, I figured out the reason for my life. And 10 years later I want to share my story with you.

That next year I went to college and ate my fair share of grits. I made lifelong friends and drank lots of beer. But I always knew that cancer wouldn’t dare return to my body because I now had a shiny armor of knowledge. I now run my own company that serves the purpose I embraced 10 years ago. I conduct workshops and consultations and talk to crowds of all sizes about the significance of my discovery. I have to wonder if my disease could have been prevented if I had known then what  I know now. This gave me reason to tell others, to shout it from the rooftops, that disease can be prevented. The food that has been made available to us on our grocery store shelves is inferior and does not fuel our bodies adequately. On the contrary, food that comes from the earth is full of the stuff that helps your body fight off disease and infection.

In the 10 years that I have been spreading my message I’ve also learned that true wellness is more than just diet. I’ve learned that to obtain a state of wellbeing, many areas of wellness must be balanced. Emotional wellness is 100% entwined with physical health. The state of our environment and the source from which we obtain our food is of equal importance. How we interact socially with each other is another area that must be balanced. My company, Wellness Babe, aims to educate women on the importance of giving equal attention to all of these parts. I’m almost annoyed that women’s wellness has somehow turned into crossfit and instagram meal planning  while mindset and relationships have taken a backseat. I’m here to bring it to the forefront along with a little of my patented sass.

On my 10 year anniversary of CHANGE I want you to change, too. I want you to share in my experience and embrace a state of wellbeing. Thats why I’m offering a free, no obligation 30 minute wellness consultation with me. So for all my  ladies out there who know that they’re in need of change, for everyone who wants to follow in my footsteps, for everyone thats been waiting for the right moment, heres your chance. Schedule a consult with me and lets get you on the right track. Just click here and fill out this short form. I will work with your schedule and block off 30 minutes just for you via Skype, phone or in person. Let’s tackle your biggest wellness hurdles. Let’s pave your path to wellness. Click here now!

Thanks for the reminder of my most important milestone yet. It is with full confidence that I continue on my journey in firm belief that I can help others achieve wellness and prevent disease.


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